Here you will be able to read a bit about the history of DanceRadio FreestyleFM – a radiostation that started more than 25 years ago.

The beginning

Freestyle started in the early 1980s as a pirate radiostation somewhere in the southwest region of The Netherlands. Freestyle was best known for it’s trendsetting disco and Italo music, always bringing the latest and hottest (import) tracks. Unfortunately due to its immense popularity it also got picked up by authorities – being a pirate radiostation – and the crew and it’s equipment was tracked down by Radio Control Service. At first the team didn’t plan on stopping, but because more and more equipment was confiscated there was no other solution than to stop Freestyle radio.

The DJ’s and technicians who used to work for Freestyle found jobs at other pirate and official radiostations. It was on an official regional radiochannel two former Freestyle teammembers were able to continue their work. As DJ de Wit and xxx they worked on a program called ‘De Dreun’ roughly translated as ‘The Beat’ again with hot tunes and a live DJ as well. The show became a big succes and was only 2nd best to ‘I Venti D’Azzuro’ that showcased the latest Italo Top 40 hits.

Tune in today!

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