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A couple of days ago E-Jackal-8 did send us their newest CD-single “I Can’t Take It Anymore”.

E-Jackal-8 sleeve

E-Jackal-8 is a new Belgium dancegroup formed by Geert (producer) and Liesje (vocals).
Their style is a bit 90’s dance, and very Hi-NRG according to E-Jackal-8 themselves.
If you are curious about this new track, we’re added it to our playlist, but of course you can also
simply request it here, straight from our music library.

The CD-single can be bought from Itunes and Beatport

2 Responses to "E-Jackal-8"

  1. Jeff
    October 16, 20082:47 pm
    no website

    E-jackal-8 is great, keep on playing this brilliant song


  2. Mark
    October 16, 20089:43 pm
    no website

    yes ,indeed, I love it to, keep playing this song: E-jackal-8 rules the world

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