3 More Promo’s recieved !

Oct 16 - by Freestyle FM

Today we recieved not 1 , not 2 , but even 3 Demo’s / Promo’s ! 😀

First we recieved “Mario Torchio – Freak Arena“.

Mario Torchio sleeve

Utopia Planitia Records was founded in 2008 by initiative of Mario Torchio, Dj and Producer.
The Utopia Planitia releases comprise various ranges of music styles such as Dance, Electro, House, Funk and Pop. The Artist is a well known Italian Dj, but first of all, he’s a musician with uncommon skills. He studied musicology at Milan National University where he received a full score degree, furthermore his passion of sound engineering brought him to study this subject at Sae Institute in Milan where he got a diploma as a Sound Engineer. Recently he received a second Bachelor (Honours) in Recording Arts at the same college. He also developed a big interest in the study of music composition (classical and arrangements). He plays guitar (from metal to jazz) and piano. Mario Torchio’s music is quite heterogeneous; there are direct influences from rock, classic, electro and funky styles. A magic blend which this artist is used to carrying with him during his live dj ! sessions across the world…

Second we recieved “Cyber Bros – Welcome To The Cyberworld“.

Cyber Bros sleeve

The Cyber Bros are a creation of the composer/producer Alessandro Iacovaccio.
Active in music business since 1998, he worked as A/R for an italian record company, then he focused his effort on the music production side, cooperating with major record company such as Warner Bros Italy, Universal USA, EMI Toshiba Japan and many other indies all over the world.
His first music production was in 1999 with the artist ALTHEA, who quickly became very popular over the internet topping the chart of mp3.com with her fresh Euro Dance sound. Althea’s first single “Magic Touch (Club L’amour mix)” got special release on 3 different promotional mp3.com cds distributed wordwide in terms of millions of units while second one “You can fly (Dancefloor Mix)” got over 500.000 downloads in less then 1 year.
He was also the original producer of”JENNY ROM”, co-author of her first song called “do you want a flirt ?” and executive producer of the 12″ single “www blond girl” released with Interdance Records Italy.
The inclusion in the arcade “Dance Dance Revolution” by Konami made the “Jenny Rom” project very popular all over the world and in Japan especially, with many releases on EMI/intercord compilations.
After it he produced more speed-Happy Hardcore tracks for the japanese market, then euro/dance for North America and several club/house songs in Italy .
He’s also supported the canadian group “Melody & Mezzo”, writing “I wanna be your star” who was featured on the XBox360 dvd “Dance Revolution universe 2”.
Backing to present, with the desire of create a new futuristic club sound – joining electro elements with catchy italian dance style- he started to develop the idea of THE CYBER BROS. Teaming with the composer/producer A.Baraldi and with the computer wizard G.Levratti a brand new band was born.

And last but certainly not least “69 – I F****d a Boy“.

69 sleeve

Studio Records introduces the answer to Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl”. 69 “I F”****d a Boy”. Available in a clean version “I kissed a Boy” and instrumental , however we only recieved the Dirty Version and Instrumental version.

  • Mario Torchio – Freak Arena can be requested here.
  • Cyber Bros – Welcome To The Cyberworld can be requested here.
  • 69 – I F****d a Boy can be requested here.
  • Enjoy !

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