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Today we recieved a promo-cd from Kandystand , called “Watch Out Here I Come”.

Kandystand sleeve

The people behind Kandystand are Alodis , Katy D and Pants , better know as Team Hayward Media.

Since the early 80’s Alodis has been at the forefront of electronic music production.
From the early days of Chicago House, through the Hi-NRG and Techno of the 90’s
to the modern day dance explosion, these influences have come togetherin this latest
audio extravaganza – Kandystand.

Fronting Kandystand, curvaceous Katy D started her musical journeythrough her
radio shows broadcast across Europe. After getting hooked on the Hi-NRG dance sounds
played on her shows, a chance meeting with Alodis meant her path was set.
It was straight into the studio and here it is – Kandystand’s first album!

Every good musical mix needs it’s Visual DJ. With his artistic talentand flair,
and years of experience in graphic design, video and multimedia, Pants brings to life
in visual form, the world and music of Kandystand.

Tracks from Kandystand’s album “Watch Out Here I Come” can be requested here

Kandystand’s own official website can be found here

The album is available at the iTunes store and cdbaby.com (type ‘kandystand’ into search)

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