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Feb 7 - by Freestyle FM

Today we were also very happy to recieve the new album of Young Fire , called Euro-Fire.

Young Fire - Euro-Fire sleeve

“Euro-Fire” is a true dedication to the real beauty of European dance style music such as Italo, Euro-Dance, Trance, Dream Dance, Euro Energy, and other styles too! “Euro-Fire” contains 12 tracks which includes:

* their first single release “Lonely”

* 2 power ballads “Fala Comigo (Talk To Me)” and “Lady Blue”

* 4 multilingual tracks such as French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

* 1 Euro pop track “Thinking By”

* 1 Flamenco track “Ojos Del Amor (Eyes Of Love)”.

This cd also includes 2 bonus tracks “The Power Of Love” (Radio Mix) and “The Power Of Love” (BTS Gates Of Heaven Remix) remixed by BoysTownStudio based in England. “Euro-Fire” is a contribution to the true feel, taste, melody, and emotion of pure Euro! Young Fire has gone back to the roots of this wonderful style that has not died but needed rekindling. This cd is not only a dedication to European dance style but, this cd is also for all the fans world wide who love these styles of Euro!

At the age of 11, Ricardo and Evaldo both merged their talents and their childhood hobbies together. They both did many things together such as, going to school, playing sports, ride bikes, and many other activities that 11 year olds would do but most of their times spent together, were down in Evaldo’s basement where he had a setup of a kids drum set and an old the infamous fan organ. They both banged and played on them pretending that they were rock stars. After numerous of times spent down in the basement, one night, a question popped in Ricardo’s mind to call his cousin Evaldo with the idea of taking their child’s play to a more serious step. Ricardo then made the call to Evaldo asking him if he wanted to make a band without the expectation of Ricardo’s question Evaldo was thrown off but, at the same time he put his thoughts to mind and of course Evaldo said yes. Until this very day, Ricardo still questions Evaldo with another question… (What was there to think about?).

Stepping into their more serious step with the help of their parents and the very little money that they had, they purchased musical instruments to start building their little band. A small mic, amplifier, and a keyboard (Casio Tone) was enough for the time being. At that time, they put their normal childhood activities aside and concentrated on practicing music. They performed their first ever little show and many others followed. People were then calling them “The Two Kids”. After being well known locally, by then they realized that they had to convince the people with a different name instead of being called “The Two Kids”. In April of 1987 while taking a walk, Ricardo and Evaldo were both brainstorming on what they should be called. After so many names being thought of, only one clicked and that was “Young Fire”.

Young Fire started to perform more and more shows and expanding their knowledge of music in becoming professional musicians. Throughout the years, Young Fire grew more rapidly with fame and fortune, and of course that came with a heavy price tag of criticism in being told that two kids could never make it but criticism to Young Fire was like adding fuel to their fire! Many people came along wanting to be part of the fire, but none of them could fit and communicate as well as Ricardo and Evaldo could and that is what makes this fire burn till this present day.

Being brought up listening to Eurodance/ Euro-pop/ Italo disco and as well as being born in Europe, Young Fire was inspired by European artists such as Modern Talking, ABBA, Bad Boys Blue, Lime, FR David, Secret Service, Fancy, Ken Laszlo, Sandra, Joy, Andy Borg, DJ Quinto Rocco, also Leandro & Leonardo, and The Bee Gees whom all inspired “Young Fire” to write music.

Today Young Fire writes, produces, composes, and arranges music for them and artists who they produce today with their graduated knowledge of recording engineers. Until this very day, Young Fire is still taking steps to higher levels, accomplishing these one by one, and burning throughout them all!

Tracks from Young Fire’s “Euro-Fire” and their 2006 “Burning Thru” album can be requested here

Young Fire’s own official website can be found here

The “Euro-Fire” CD is available at CD Baby

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