Nations In Blue

Feb 8 - by Freestyle FM

A couple of days ago Nations In Blue contacted Dance Radio FreestyleFM on myspace.
And this morning we did recieve 2 song from Nations In Blue.

Nations In Blue

Nation In Blue was officially started in september 2005.

However, the story actually began in june of that year, when Håkan Hannu from Sweden, who was the brain behind
“C H Project” and “Blue Star Project”, was introduced to Georgiana Lupescu from Romania.

Håkan was at the time, disillusioned with the music industry and was actually about to end his career as a composer and producer. While Georgiana was (and still is), the composer and lyricist for a group of talented children in Romania which is called “Floare De Colt” (=Edelweiss), but she had always had a dream of singing in her own right for as long as she could remember. Immediatley hitting it off, and finding much common ground both personally and in their music, they decided to form a new musical partnership.

The missing link now, was that they needed a lyric writer for this collaboration, and they found one in Stefan Zadorozny, who recieved the first demo track in his inbox and 15 minutes later had written and emailed back a full lyric for the first song of “Nation In Blue”.

This song was called, “Have You Got What It Takes”.

“We can’t change the love of the past, but we can strive to affect the love of the future”

Welcome to “Nation in Blue”.

Tracks from Nations In Blue can be requested here

Nations In Blue’s own official website can be found here

Nation In Blue’s tracks are available at Soundclick

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