The Roads UK/CZ

Jun 9 - by Freestyle FM

About one week ago Ray , from The Roads UK/CZ contacted Dance Radio FreestyleFM on myspace.
And today we did recieved the radio edit of The Roads UK/CZ’s “Get It”.

Nations In Blue

The Roads moved to Berlin beginning of March 2009. They are an Indie-Rock-Pop Band. With three writers in the band and three main vocals, they have crafted a repertoire full of passion, energy and catchy melodies. In fact, all 5 members of the band sing!

The lead vocals evoke their Britpop influences but with an identity of their own, while the rest of the band create infectious harmonies. The fusion of piano and guitar adds another layer of melodies to their music and gives their music a lot of variety. THE ROADS album and concerts range from dance inducing rockers to heartfelt ballads, and leave the listener emotionally drained and wanting more!!! If you don’t make it to THE ROADS party, you will complain to your kids that you missed it!!

The Roads track “Get It” can be requested here

The Roads own official website can be found here

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