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Jun 21 - by Freestyle FM

After talking with Kurt from “Secret Wish” , we just recieved the Promo of Secret Wish’s “Flick Of A Switch”.

Secret Wish - Flick Of A Switch

Secret wish are an electronic duo from Belgium. Heidi Pintens sings and Kurt Vervaet does all the other bits and sings as well. They jam pop and dance music together in order to put a smile on your face get you up and dancing. Its pure bubblegum, dancey stuff.

Before Kurt was playing as a DJ on company party’s, weddings, …. And all kinda other party’s. He never wanted only to be a DJ, that’s why he wanted to make his own productions and he started searching for the right vocals. That’s how Kurt found Heidi after searching for many months. Since then Heidi is part of “Secret Wish”. She already started with singing from since she was 8 years old. Before “Secret Wish” she was part of some cover bands and other groups.

David from Matchbox Recordings says …
One thing about Secret Wish, they are not trying to tell you they are something they are not. Pure saccharine pop this, and yes, it will get your tail twitching for the dancefloor. If you like your pop dancey with a good dash of cheese, you found your platter!

Secret Wish – Flick Of A Switch can be requested here

Secret Wish’s own official MySpace website can be found here

Secret Wish – Flick Of A Switch available at CD Baby and iTunes

The video of “Flick Of A Switch” can be found on Youtube

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