Attention DJ’s, Artists, Producers, and Record Labels

Feb 9 - by Freestyle FM

Are you a DJ, Artist, Producer, or Record Label looking for airplay on our station ?
We often get questions if we do like to give airplay to new tracks, and if so,
how people can reach us.

At the moment DanceRadio FreestyleFM is searching for :

    DJ’s and Podcasters

Are you a DJ that would love to do a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly set on our station ? Or even a whole presented show or podcast (in English language) ?
Then maybe we are searching for you !

DJ’s at DanceRadio FreestyleFM work on voluntary base. DanceRadio FreestyleFM won’t ask for money, like some other stations do, as we are a non-commercial station, and doing this all for the love of music.

At DanceRadio FreestyleFM you will mostly hear things like Dance, Eurodance, Italo , Disco , House , Trance , Techno, etc. So we are mostly searching for DJ’s or Podcasters who are specialized into these genre’s. Are you ? And are you interested ?

Then feel free to send us a link to your demo !

    Mashup DJ/Producers

Are you handy and good in mixing 2 (or a few more) into 1 great new track ?

And do you mostly use tracks you hear at the clubs or that are in the charts ?

Then feel free to send us a link to your demo !

    Artists,Producers and Record Labels

Are you an Artist, Producer or Record Label and looking for airplay ?

Then you might have come to the right adres !

DanceRadio FreestyleFM is mostly willing to give new artists and/or tracks
a fair chance, and will mostly add your track(s) to our promo/demo pool.

Every whole hour the computer will take a song out of the promo/demo pool and play it.

Besides that, listeners can always request your track, unless it’s already in queue, or recently played already.

If you give us enough information, we can even make a whole item on our blog, completely with information on where people can buy your track(s).
Like to send us a download link to your track(s), or want more information ?
Then feel free to contact us.

DanceRadio FreestyleFM is a non-commercial station which is broadcasting 24/7/365. Our main genre’s played are Dance, Eurodance, Italo, Disco, House, Trance, Techno, 80’s, 90’s, and a bit of todays music.

DanceRadio FreestyleFM is a legal station powered by Live365 and Radionomy who take care of all royalties and copyrights like SoundExchange, BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, SENA and Sabam.

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    May 9, 20129:30 pm

    please check out our tracks

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